Simple as that….. I love dogs!

From bringing home every stray dog as a child until I got my own unknown breed as a teenager to ‘borrowing’ friends and neighbor’s dogs. When it was not possible to have my own dog as an adult I moved toward fostering and re-homing dogs in my travels in India and Germany. Dogs have always been a part of my life. Always.

I offer a 10% discount to rescued or shelter dogs.

It has always been very important for me to have a happy well-balanced dog that accompanies me practically everywhere and is always welcome to be a part of my life.

For some time now I have watched how other owners have struggled to have well behaved “Best Friends” or just needed guidance on small problems. I have observed owners who accidentally reinforce behaviours’ they don’t want and how some owners misinterpret a dog’s body language.



I want to help and make it easier for people and their Dogs to have a strong bond and to communicate with them as I do with mine. I wanted to show people how to build a loving and trusting bond & healthy working relationship with their dog without fear or anxiety producing techniques.

I was certified as a professional dog trainer through the International College of Canine Behavioural Science in October 2009. This college is the only one specializing in the study of canine behaviour in Vancouver.

I continued on with my studies at the same college to achieve the graduate status in May 2010. This involved dog behaviour training on a much deeper level which included social psychology, dog psychology and training psychology.



My training is effective through the 'PLAY/PRAISE' reward system WITHOUT food treats. This system has been used around the world & throughout history to obtain reliable results from working dogs. I achieve spontaneous cooperation from the dog by understanding how to use the dogs natural instincts. I do not use halties, choke chains, e-collars, prong collars or any other gimmicks. I do not yell, use brut-force, scruff or alpha roll. I know and understand how to utilize humane strategies to eliminate unwanted behaviour.

I am also certified in Pet First Aid and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers as well as the American Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Additionally I have 'given back' and contributed my time at dog shelters in Goa, India and Amman, Jordan. In Vancouver I have helped out at the Richmond Animal Shelter and for Turtle Gardens Rescue. Continuing with my professional development and keeping up to date is also very important and have attended seminars and workshops with Brenda Aloff, Nicole Wilde, Ken Ramirez,
& Joyce Tattersal.


Walk them with ease and style...

As a dog trainer I can tell you how important it is to have the right leash. I have been using the European style leashes for many years now and this type of leash has always been my first choice. These leashes are widely used in Europe and are ideal for obedience training and an active lifestyle. Only available through Oh My Dog!

Let me answer any questions you might have...

Group Classes are held in downtown Vancouver in the city's largest training and daycare facility. For more information, please fill out our contact form.

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